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This review may contain spoilers.

There comes a point while watching David Fincher's GONE GIRL in which the trajectory of the story is really up in the air.
Is this film about a psychotic woman that just seeks revenge? For a bit, I really thought it might steer into that direction, but it ended up being more about the public's perception through the seasonalization of violence and crime in the media.

Anyways, can I get an AMEN for all the crazy bitches. I'm I right fellas?

I was kinda relieved, but also shocked at the same time, that the story didn't go to the conclusion that I was expecting. If Amy would have just been caught in her web of lies, this story would have ended up being more about how we can't trust victims that come forward with abuse stories rather than focusing on the power the media holds over someone. Guilty or Innocent.

Real Partners in Crime.

PS. Deep Hasbro Thoughts is a mood.

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