The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

This is like a much better version of The Green Knight. They both take place near the same time period, deal with mythic tales, and are about a prince becoming a man. What makes this better is how climatic this is. It's the perfect Scandinavian fairy tale. A prince must avenge his family, and that is achieved in a completely mystical way. It's not a perfect movie, but it more than delivers.

The first thing to talk about is the direction. Most anyone that is going to see this is doing so because they know who Robert Eggers is. This is his third movie and in all honesty it might be my least favorite, although it's still really good. His other two movies are iconic and hard to compete with. This movie is a complete departure for him. It's action-packed which is just about the last thing I'd say when describing his other two movies. With that action comes a pretty big change in his directing style. There's a lot more movement and cuts. His directing is great here, but it's just a totally different feel than what came before.

My personal favorite part of the movie was probably the cast. Every single actor gives an amazing performance. Also, this is the first time Björk has acted in a major movie in 22 years which made me extremely happy to see. Nicole Kidman was surprisingly great in this. I didn't expect her to have as big of a role as she did and I was blown away by her character. Although my favorite performance was from Anya Taylor-Joy. She's been in a lot lately, but this might be her best performance since The Witch. Her accent is great and overall her presence is powerful.

This isn't as revolutionary as Eggers' previous two movies, but it's definitely solid. I only really had a problem with the pacing of the first half, which made the second half noticeably better. Besides that, I loved the acting, the sets, the attention to detail with the time period, and the story in general. Björk's small part was awesome, and the fight scenes were brutal. This is one of the best Viking movies of all time and I can't wait to see what Robert Eggers does next.

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