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This review may contain spoilers.

I was lucky enough to catch this at the cinema this year and it was a pretty memorable experience. The movie looked incredible and seeing it blown up I could see a lot more details than I have been before. Specifically, I could tell which scenes of Tom Cruise walking around New York were shot using rear projection which was really cool. Another surprise was I never realized how unintentionally funny this movie is until now. In the theater, much of the first half hour was filled with laughter and it was a great time.

I think one of the most surprising things is how the entire secret, elitist, underground sex cult is completely real and them murdering the prostitute and doing something violent to the pianist is confirmed, but is ultimately ignored. It says a lot about how little that actually mattered to the point of the movie because the real point of the movie is just about the main character's relationship and his personal hangs up about sex. Everything we see is just an allegory to his feelings, thoughts, and his marriage itself.

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