C'mon C'mon

C'mon C'mon ★★★½

Mike Mills with another powerful piece about family, youth, growing old, the future. I wanted to watch this largely because of Mills and Joaquin Phoenix but the entire cast is incredible. Gaby Hoffmann is great in pretty much everything I've seen her in and this is probably my favorite performance of hers, and Scoot McNairy nails it. The big surprise is how wonderful Woody Norman is. He really carries this with Phoenix and is just awesome every moment he's on screen. Great child performances are rare and he was pretty much perfect.

So much of this movie is just dialogue and emotions so my mind immediately goes to how great all the performances were, but much of this movie is actually documentary footage. There are many interviews with who I assume are real life people, mainly kids. It's a nice mix of real life and fiction. I think it does a lot to add to the themes this is trying to tackle, it's also just nice to hear what kids think about life and the future.

Although this isn't my favorite movie from Mills I still think it was great. It was such a heavy experience. Makes me worried about having kids, mental health, and growing old, but that's the same with all of Mills' films.

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