Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

"Who gives a fuck about movies!"

Another Ghostface killer emerges to make the lives of the survivors of the previous incarnation a living hell. 

After two genuinely fantastic opening sequences chained together, Scream VI quickly slips into more of an outright comedy that plays mostly as a parody of itself parodying itself. There are a few tense set pieces and some fun kills that keep this entertaining, but I found it far too self referentially smug to fully enjoy. It sometimes feels like it uses the conceit of being meta to mask it's flaws and by trying to stay one guess ahead of the viewer comes across as though it thinks it's smarter than its audience.

Note: I've only seen a couple of these, so fans of the franchise and style of it will likely get much more out of this than I did. I was annoyed as often as I was entertained. Chalk this one up to a case of this just not really being my thing.

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