Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

I haven’t seen the 2017 Justice League since it came out in cinema in 2017, but I was one of those that actually thought the film to be a pleasant movie going experience however did understand the disappointment towards it. 

At last Zack got to put his vision on the screen and all I can really feel walking away from a near 4 hour long film is how did the original cram everything in 2 hours while this took nearly 4 hours with 90% of the scenes being the exact same. However it is a massive improvement upon the original with there being so much more context to everything and not feeling like a rushed mess. I didn’t quite understand the 4:3 ratio aspect, and doesn’t help that my internet is a pile of wank so was watching the film in like 140p for half of it. 

I do think it’s an absolute shame that out of the 6 original members only 3 are legit continuing in the DCEU, however the film does make me excited to truly see what potentially the DCEU has and maybe Zack can bring his true vision on another DC classic. Do I feel the film needed to be seen in its full entirety? Not really. Am I glad it is? Yes.

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