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This review may contain spoilers.

MOONLIGHT WAS AMAZING. And I feel like I texted almost everything to Dasola so I don't even know what to write here. 
The performances were so great and it honestly makes no sense how Mahershala Ali is just barely getting some limelight.
The scenes in part 1 made me so emotional, oh my gosh. I mean the whole movie, but most of the scenes in part 1.
• dining room table with mahershala and janelle monae 
—how they explained the gay slur to chiron
—how they were so accepting of him IF he were to be gay
• any scene with kevin messed me up
• the scene where Paula and Juan were screaming at each other about who's gonna raise Chiron
• the scene where she asked Chiron for money
• basically every other scene in the movie

This movie was soooo amazing, and I apologize for the messy review. Hopefully my new entry will be better when I rewatch Moonlight down the road.

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