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  • Halloween
  • House of 1000 Corpses
  • Slumber Party Massacre II
  • Dawn of the Dead

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  • The Princess


  • Scared to Death


  • Bride of Re-Animator


  • Cut and Run


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  • Dead Man's Shoes

    Dead Man's Shoes

    Grief, anger, despair, Paddy Considine brings all these emotions to the troubled character of Richard, a solider who returns home to reek terrible revenge on his brothers tormentors.

    The first time I watched 'Dead Man's Shoes', I expected it to be a full-on 'Saw-type' horror movie, with elaborate torture devices and gratuitous gore. But from Richard's first calm-breaking snarl at a dazed dealer of 'You ya cunt', I found myself being pleasantly surprised and enthralled by this heartbreaking tale of…

  • Videodrome


    Each decade seems to birth a horror movie that perfectly captures the time in which it is released. This includes such seminal classics as ‘Psycho’ (60s), ‘The Exorcist’ (70s), and the body horror classic ‘Videodrome’ (80s).

    James Woods stars as Max Renn, the CEO of a small time television network known as Civic-TV, whose main programming consists of soft-core pornography and hardcore violence. When Renn is introduced to the scrambled video signal of an underground show known as 'Videodrome', he…