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  • The Beaches of Agnès
  • Thine Own Self
  • A Spot for Frog
  • Out of Frame

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  • A Spot for Frog

    A Spot for Frog

    you can watch my new short film “A Spot for Frog” here via this vimeo link 🐸💚  it’s a personal one that i have worked very hard to write, direct, produce, edit, animate, and sound design/score, filmed with a small team and micro budget. 

    for anyone inclined to watch & log it, i would love to know what you think ✨👀

  • Thine Own Self

    Thine Own Self

    hello friends! for the past five months, I've been hard at work creating this 6-minute experimental animated short film about gender identity. this was my first time making an animated short as well as composing an original score for my work, and I feel proud of having done so (as well as relieved to have finally finished! 😅)

    many thanks to my wonderful peers & faculty in my grad program at Syracuse, as well as my friends & family for all of…

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  • The Pleasure of Love in Iran

    The Pleasure of Love in Iran


    those buildings are so incredibly beautiful 😭

  • Lions Love

    Lions Love


    brilliant in like a million different under-appreciated ways……  I think Varda was playing with moving images on a level so far ahead of her time that we have still not caught up to what she was doing here back in 1969

    also really interesting to look at this as a precursor to her essayistic work from decades later! that same personal tone of seeing/thinking & freedom of intellectual wandering is already baked into the work this early on. and the deep…

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  • Stargirl



    I wish I liked this movie more, but the good news is that while watching this I downloaded an app called Penguin Isle and began some very important work on raising a colony of penguins, so in the coming weeks, I will be content to stay indoors and wait out this pandemic while tending to my penguin children

  • Love, Death & Robots: Sonnie's Edge

    Love, Death & Robots: Sonnie's Edge

    when I heard Netflix was doing an animated adult sci-fi anthology I was incredibly excited! went into this first episode expecting to love it... but 15 minutes later, I was left not only unconvinced, but doubtful that I'll be watching any more of the series. 

    personally I was turned off by the superficial, poorly written, misogynistic dystopian vision on display here. despite a surface-level impulse to disguise itself as a feminist critique of patriarchal institutions, the episode remains rooted in…