The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

👼🏼 Charlie Chaplin Marathon Part I of VI 👼🏼

Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid is almost like the original Paper Moon in a way—a Peter Bogdanovich film that I absolutely LOVE—or at the very least, it’s the silent film version of it given its restrictions on what it can and cannot do compared to a piece that was made 52 years after its release. Be that as it may, it’s hard to dislike The Kid despite it being almost a century-year-old, considering how slapstick HILARIOUS it is; as we know, Mr. Chaplin is an absolute king at perfecting persona comedy. The sentimental value and side-splitting, deviant-like nature of “the kid” character (plus his performance) also added a revolutionary presence of likability to the motion picture. I am so excited to continue this director marathon!

But, yeah, coincidences hit level 1,000,000 in this one, though. The movie overall is so dynamically light-hearted, however, that I can give it a hardy pass! I mean, who can resist Dreamland?

🎖 Verdict: B+

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