The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

I love it to death, but it still would’ve been better if it were *sigh* a longer movie; you can totally tell that The Godfather is an adaptation of a book that covers a ton of events that the film simply doesn’t have time to flesh out seamlessly. So yeah, you heard me! Three hours ain’t enough, pal! 

Yes, The Godfather is one of those rare movies where almost every character has a standout performance. Yes, The Godfather is one of those rare movies where almost every scene has you balancing on ice. Yes, Francis Ford Coppola is a genius for being one of the few to mesh thriller-esc scores or blaring atmospherical sound effects with the uncommonly paired genres he explores; it really does make The Godfather one of a kind to any other “gangster” flick. 

Being the 4,028,286th person to probably say this, I feel reluctant to spill loads on The Godfather because what else can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? Head in bed, hardcore rope choking, taking more than one shot to the back, nurse helping out an injured dad, one on two in a public restraunt, man cucks girlfriend with new wife, man receives heavy fire from seven other men, things getting too heated in the car, and submitting to Satan with all that you’ve got? They’re all classic moments that’ve been analyzed a gajillion times, y’know? So with that being said to end off affairs, Merry Christmas to all cinephiles! 

Hope I didn’t ruin The Godfather for you, by the way...

🏆 Verdict: A

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