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This review may contain spoilers.

💯100% - I had to up my score for Spider-Man 2. ITS JUST SO GOOD! The Peter losing his powers thing doesn’t bother me. I get how it can bother some people but the arc that it actually sends Peter on more than makes up for it. I kinda saw him losing his powers like when you are playing a playing video game but u suck at it because u r stressed with the rest of your life. Anyways, everything else is perfect. Octavius is in my top 3 comic book movie villains of all time, the movie is very emotional, every character has an arc, every scene is important, the action is fantastic, the CGI still holds up and of course THE SCORE. Danny Elfman you legend. These movies just have incredible scores. I cried once and teared up once while watching the movie. I cried when Peter said that he can’t live Uncle Ben’s dreams in that visual metaphor with him and Ben in the car again. Then he gave up the suit and seeing it in the trash is just such a sad sight to see. Then I teared up when Peter told the truth about to Aunt May about how Ben died. He told her it was his fault and just her reaction, it breaks your heart. The way she looked at Peter, nobody would ever want that look from any of their loved ones. It’s incredible how I’m talking about scenes like that and not the amazing action. That’s what makes Spider-Man 2 stand out from the other comic book movies.

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