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This review may contain spoilers.

🏆92% - This is a review for Rocky IV: Rocky VS Drago which is the director’s cut of Rocky IV. This movie has 40 minutes of redone footage and I got to watch this in the theater. This is the first Rocky movie I got to watch in the theater and I loved it. I liked it even more than the original cut. The original cut was very 80s. It was very cheesy and even though I have a ton of fun when I watch it, this is the better movie. I say that because it’s more serious and I feel the weight more here. The weight of the buildup to Rocky VS Drago is even more present here. Scenes like the funeral of Apollo Creed and Rocky leaving to Russia are extended and sadder. One of my problems in the og cut was we didn’t really see Rocky mourn over Apollo at the funeral but we got much more of that here which I appreciated. The movie just felt more intense but it still had some of that 80s vibe. They kept the James Brown sequence so it’s still cheesy at times. That leads into 1 of my 2 minor flaws and that is the movie has some cheesy moments that feel off in terms of tone from the rest of the movie. The James Brown sequence is the standout example. The other is Drago. He’s a very menacing villain but the character of Drago is very one-note. He doesn’t even have a personality unlike Clubber Lang. In the interview they showed before this movie with Sly, he said Drago had more development here and he really didn’t. There was a little more but nothing super noteworthy. The movie that deserves credit for developing Drago is Creed ll. Overall though, a blast and also an intense film. It works really well for me and I loved it as a fan of this franchise.

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