Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

🤩10% - If you hate the first Mortal Kombat film and think it can’t get any worse then oh how wrong you are. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation makes the first movie look like a Lord of The Rings film. Everyone knows the flaws here. The acting, the CGI, the dialogue, just about everything. I do like that the characters sometimes use their moves from the games though. I took notes throughout the movie and I’m just gonna end my review with those.
1. Earth destroyed in 6 days (WHY)
2. Raiden does the yell
3. Sindel line
4. Kitana taking out blades and then kicking guy
5. So many flips
6. Smoke shoots missile (THATS SEKTOR)
7. Sub Zero flew
8. Scorpions spear looks so much worse
9. The ice bridge looks like a prop
10. What is Kitana the key to
11. Where does Scorpion go (ALSO HE YELLS SUCKERS?!)
12. Cyrax uses net and melts the skin off the guy?!
13. Cyrax is made of metal, Sonya pulled a part of his “metal” and it looked like cheap cosplay
14. Movie uses classic moves
15. Worst explosion EVER
16. Sonya is completely clean in next scene after mud fight
17. Petra
18. “NEVER GIVE UP HOPE” Rayden as he finishes his flip down to the ground
19. Obvious stunt double (Ray Park tho)
20. 3 bad guys at first, ends with 1 (WHERE DID THE OTHER 2 GO)
21. Baraka mask is awful
22. When Baraka dies they reuse the footage of Rain’s death
23. Jade’s eyebrows changed when she became evil
24. Rayden is incorrect. ITS RAIDEN
25. Raiden is the brother of Shao Khan. That’s not in the games
26. Shao Khan keeps killing people for no reason
27. Where did the army go?
28. Raiden’s voice in this is less annoying than the last one
29. Soundtrack is good at times but others it’s annoying
30. That Mortal Kombat song is still awesome
31. Sonya tries to kick Ermac and Ermac dodges. Instead of putting in a different move THEY REUSE THE SAME FOOTAGE
32. They actually are using classic video game moves such as Jax’s ground pound or Motaro’s kick
33. Ermac makes a new ninja and that’s Noob. ONLY NOOB HAS THE POWER TO DO THAT! HE JUST MAKES A SHADOW OF HIMSELF!
34. Why don’t the others go to help Liu Kang after the dragon fight?
36. So Shao Kahn’s father is Shinnok?!
37. The MK song stops and then plays again when Liu Kang starts winning
38. How did this have a higher budget than the first movie?!
39. The Actrrss who play Kitana is older than the actress who plays her mother!
40. Don’t worry Raiden’s alive
41. Very abrupt cut to the credits

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