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This review may contain spoilers.

👌🏻60% - Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is a really frustrating film. I think if you take it away from the book then it’s an entertaining film but if you compare it to the book, the film fails as an adaptation. Unlike the first Maze Runner book, The Scorch Trials is actually a great book. This Scorch Trials is however not a great movie. There are so many differences between this and the book that really annoy me. One that bothers me but isn’t too bad (I will be spoiling the book) is the cranks. In the book the cranks are pretty much really messed up people, but they’re not zombies like they are in the movie. My biggest issues come in with the plot. The plot of the book is WCKD sends the gladers on a mission across the Scorch to get a cure to the flare which they are told they have. Technically the gladers escape but it seemed like it was a part of WCKD’s plan or maybe I missed something but it’s similar to what I said. In the movie the gladers are told they are immune and they escape the facility hoping to find the Red something I forget it’s name. My bigger problem with the film plot is that the plot is based on a hunch from Thomas as the gladers don’t know if this red something really exists. The red something is a resistance against WCKD in the mountains. Brenda is a shell of who she was in the book in this film. She has little personality and she has much less to do here than she did in the book. I don’t like her in this movie but I actually quite liked her in the book. Also in the book Teresa’s betrayal cuts WAY DEEPER. Turns out she knew Aris before the maze and they dated. Now they are back together and they are working for WCKD. They bring Thomas back to WCKD. Thats at least where I am in the book I haven’t quite finished. So betrayed Thomas way more here and so did Aris as Thomas thought him and Aris were cool. That moment in the book really infuriated me but it was supposed to. It honestly got me angry for a good extra hour after I read it but maybe it’s also because I watched the first half hour of Home Sweet Home Alone before that which is GARBAGE. I will be finishing that movie and posting a review soon hopefully. Anyways, The Scorch Trials film has some great action sequences, solid character moments and good music but the plot is lacking. It’s some decent entertainment but nowhere near the level of the first film. Dylan O’Brien is still great tho

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