Hawkeye ★★★½

👍🏻79% - That’s my score for Hawkeye episodes 1 and 2. I thought both were thoroughly enjoyable episodes of TV and right now it’s hard to judge the quality of the show since it’s just the first 2 episodes but so far it’s really enjoyable. It’s nothing mind blowing which is why I don’t go higher with my score but just a good and fun show. This isn’t really Hawkeye’s show, it’s Kate Bishop’s show which is unfortunate because I wanted to see Hawkeye in the spotlight of the Hawkeye show. The action isn’t the best either as the choreography felt pretty uninspired to me and it lacks compared to the action of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Other than that it’s enjoyable. Hailee Steinfeld is a likable actress and she does great as Kate Bishop. The dynamic between her and Clint is really good and more than anything it’s a fun show. There isn’t really much to talk about as the show hasn’t impressed me a ton. I liked it a good bit, but it’s not something where I think YES I NEED TO WATCH THOSE EPISODES AGAIN where I did with Loki, Falcon & Winter Soldier and even some episodes of Wandavision which I didn’t love as much as everyone else. Overall though, good start and I hope the show gets better with more story building.

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