Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

🏆91% - I rewatched Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 because it’s one of those movies where every time I watch it my opinion changes. Sometimes I’ll think it’s alright, sometimes I’ll think it’s good or sometimes I’ll think it’s awesome. While watching this film only one flaw really bothered me but unfortunately it’s a big one and that’s the humor. There is just so much of it and a lot of it doesn’t land. There are some really funny moments such as Star-Lord’s true feelings for Gamora being revealed and Drax laughing. Drax however is a big problem because he is pretty much just comic relief. He has 1 serious moment which was when Mantis touched him and we saw Drax’s emotion through Mantis’ reaction which was a fantastic moment, but we could’ve gotten more of those moments but instead we had jokes. Most of them don’t land but some of them are quite funny. The arcs for the rest of the characters are genuinely great. Baby Groot doesn’t really have one cuz baby but he was adorable so I can’t get upset. Drax is the only member other than Groot that didn’t really have an arc and instead was just used as comedic relief. I just wish they did more with him. Star-Lord had a great arc about finding his family and accepting who he is. Gamora has a similar arc to Star-Lord in realizing and accepting who she is by choosing to be with Peter at the end of the movie. Rocket and Yondu are the real standouts though. Even though Rocket starts off unlikeable in the movie, his arc along with Yondu’s arc work so well together and they are both incredible. Especially Yondu because it culminates in his death. I’m gonna say it, Yondu has the saddest death in the MCU. I tear up every time and how they set up his arc with how he broke the hearts of the ravagers and by the end getting the funeral that a ravager deserved. It hits so hard. Ego was also a great contrast to Yondu and he is one of my favorite MCU villains. Overall love this film but if they had dialed back the humor then this could’ve been even better than the first film.

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