Fear Street: 1994

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This review may contain spoilers.

👌🏻65% - I rewatched the entire Fear Street trilogy and I liked all of them more this time. I started 1994 last night and I finished it this morning. It’s the weakest of the trilogy IMO but not bad. The other movies just make this movie better. When I first watched it I didn’t like our 2 leads Deena and Sam and I feel the same way about them for this film. However I liked them more in future movies making me like them here a bit more as well. I still think Kate, Simon, and Josh are the easily best characters in this movie. They’re just fun. It sucks that Simon and Kate were killed off because I grew to like them. The killers were also really cool in this film and the story is interesting. The way it ties in with the other movies is pretty cool. Also the twists they do with Nick Goode in the future make this movie better as it makes him more suspicious when he does things here. I still can’t call this a good film for the simple fact that I don’t like the 2 leads in this film. I just find them to be annoying and when Simon and Kate die Deena don’t seem to give a crap. Sam is better but she’s still not good. Deena only cares about Sam and it comes off as pretty selfish. When Kate suggested that they sacrifice Sam I was all for that but then Deena had to find another way and get Simon and Kate killed in the process. I get it though because without that we wouldn’t have the trilogy. Anyways, decent start but room for improvement and the other movies make this one better.

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