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This review may contain spoilers.

there's usually like a perspective threshold that allows for certain rationalization of characters' behavior: "ok that was a dumb thing to do, but if I mentally immerse myself in that same situation I could probably see myself doing the same thing, and regretting it later". but at a certain point in this movie the threshold wasn't big enough to contain the wife's decision to call those same people they JUST escaped from for help. your husband wakes you up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to gtfo that house, something which YOU did just two days earlier, the car breaks down, and out of everyone you could've called, you call them?! it's just plot-driven tomfoolery at this point.

for all its logic faults, the ending still manages to pack a punch. I guess this is saying something about the world essentially not being a place for the textbook social civility we get groomed into from an early age

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