Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

mesmerizing to the max, it's almost impossible to find anything that doesn't satisfy me about this film. the story, already tragically written by real life years ago, is exciting in itself; reading about it already gives you goose bumps; knowing about it gives you a great feeling of empathy for the revolutionary struggle. but all this seems insufficient after you watch this perfectly directed work by shaka king. you hope that everything you know is wrong, you wish with all your heart that everything would turn out differently; it's so intense that you almost ignore the fact that it is inspired by true events. and then you feel groundless again.

the film production is extremely meticulous and this is evidenced by the entire work. the editing, cinematography and visuals are usual but well put together; the casting is impeccable: daniel and lakeith are unique talents in cinema. their greatest differential, for me, are the emotionally charged looks, by which they are able to convince you without saying a word; they repeat, in an improved way, what they did in jordan peele's get out, truly feeling everything they need to show you. of course the other actors don't go unnoticed; it was really a great ensemble.

feels so good to start the year with a film of this level, a quality that allows me to say that it will always be among the best of 2021.


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