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  • I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians

    I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians


    O evolutie naturala pentru Jude dupa Tara Moarta, cu care formeaza un duo inspirat de formalisme impinse la maxim, Barbari sectioneaza istoria romana intr-o optica de inversare perspectiva. Relatare care se dezvaluie in maniera acinematografica, bazata in dialog cu tendinte de necesitate teatrala pentru a fugi din inchisoarea "reconstructiei". O reprezentare a realitati care incearca sa atinga o sensibilitate intelectuala, descrisa in film prin interactiunile regizorului cu el insusi, distribuita intre personaje in mod echilibrat.
    Tratarea unui subiect cu o…

  • The Vampires of Poverty

    The Vampires of Poverty


    The vampires roam the streets, repackaging identity one selective frame at a time. State and private demand for tools of propagation has to be met. Context and contrast inexistent, the celluloid parses reality at the pace dictated by its wielders, creating illusions of reality for the final consumer.
    The subsequent transmutations of technology make this short documentary even more relevant now than upon its release. The increasing chase for "the document", often targeted at unknowing and unwilling subjects, has had…

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  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    The Turin Horse is an apocalypse. A physical one in the story, a metaphysical one for the real world in which it sits. Tarr has declared this will be his last film, one final howl into the void that eats at everything. The advance of the unrelenting gale, an equalizing force bent on annihilation, defines the ultimate challenge to survival. As it slowly eats away the world, responses are not homogenous. A band of wandering gypsies embraces it and celebrates…

  • Roma



    Memories as vehicles of rediscovered history. A focus on the incidental brings out new dimensions alien to first hand experience. With a voyage into the recesses of the mind, aided by perspective, Cuaron manages to transform his past into a gorgeous meditation on the mundane actions that built it.
    Painstaking attention to visual and aural detail allows for deep immersion, transporting its characters from quiet interiors to the rioting streets with tracking shots that expose an elegant mise en scene that alternates between very busy streets and sparse landscapes.