Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

"It burns in your throat, it boils in your stomach, it tastes almost exactly like pure, melted gold."

It's rare to find a film that absolutely connects with me like Fantastic Mr Fox does, to the point where I wonder if it was made for me. Almost every single joke made me laugh, the pacing and writing are near perfection and I loved the spectacular animation and production design in every scene. Not only that, the movie captures who I am and what I value with alarming accuracy: the importance of family and companionship, personality, an inert drive for recognition, a love of cider and a celebration of the differences between people instead of letting said differences drive us apart. A great example of this is summed up by one of my favourite exchanges: when Mrs Fox says to her son, Ash:

"We're all a little different- him (points at Mr Fox) especially- but isn't there something absolutely fantastic about that?"

Ash: "....................I'd rather be an athlete."

The way Fantastic Mr Fox embraces it's character and comedy is spell-binding to watch unfold. I've rarely, if ever, related to a movie this much and the short run-time absolutely flew by. It's not without its problems, but I connect with this movie's sensibilities and character so much that I can't NOT give it five stars.

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