Pretend That You Love Me

Pretend That You Love Me ★★★★★

Usually I tend to make a hard to understand review on what I watch, because that's kinda how my brain works with films, I tend to relate but not feel like I've been there when it comes to movies, but this isn't a film with a character, it's like an apology and a memory at once for things what he has thought. And I thought this way many times before and way more now than ever. I live with my family who I love deeply, but to have someone I can touch and cry to has been a desperate feeling that has been lurking over me. The way how he wants to feel romantic with those he made a romantic act with, as much as I hate to admit it, I relate to a lot. How I left things with those who I actually felt that connection with out of fear, covid making it so I can't meet, and relying on virtual calls, makes me feel incomplete. I notice myself time and time again flirting with them, wanting to talk to them constantly, and trying to somehow get back what I had before. Luckily recently I had some friends visit me, but when I have them around me, I get tempted to just lay down with them and cry and talk from all this loneliness I felt. I guess I kinda just vented out one of the things that has been bothering me, and I'm kinda glad this movie let me relate and feel like I can feel comfortable with others again soon

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