Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★★

"If we were one of Europe's greatest leaders, and we were stranded in San Dimas for one day, where would we go?"

It's really pretty amazing that a movie which abandons the need for things to make real sense with the amount of glee that this one does also has a pretty tight structure. The "Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K" conversation playing twice from two different perspectives with different information being conveyed to the audience and to the characters each time is just one example of how smartly plotted out this movie is. And then, of course, Bill says, "That conversation made a lot more sense this time," as the movie goofs on its own internal logic.

Director Stephen Herek and writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon are smart enough to realize that we don't need to worry about how dumb the plot is if they make it simple and fun enough. It is a movie where the greatest joys lie in the little ridiculous details. Like Billy the Kid and Socrates throwing around a Nerf football. Or the fact that Bill and Ted are able to fix a futuristic piece of technology with some pudding cans and chewing gum.

Bill and Ted aren't the smartest dudes around, but they can think through a problem. They have ideas, hopes, and dreams, but their main difficulty is that they don't apply themselves toward those dreams, at least at the beginning. They talk about getting Eddie Van Halen to play guitar for their band instead of learning how to play themselves. But given the means (a time-travelling phone booth) and the motivation (the threat of being forever separated from their best friend) they can do great things.

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