Video Carnage

Video Carnage ★★★★

Easily my favorite film from the folk filmmaking movement. Video Carnage is ambitious and executes its vision with precision and finesse that’s not usually associated with a no budget film. It’s solid front to back and is throughly engaging, sporting some great performances, appealing camera work and a creative score. Deep down it has something to say and I feel like there’s plenty of personality story wise rather than the style being carried by the filmmaking alone. My only issues is the sound design being a little underwhelming, particularly towards the end, and a lack of camera movement during the first two acts (Of course this is dictated by the style and the budgetary limits, but I still feel like occasional movement can add to the dynamism of the film). I also felt like the dialogue scenes between Sam & Mike went on too long and were a little redundant, but these are all small criticisms and doesn’t take away from how incredible an achievement this film is. This film deserves to go viral and I hope Doomed Productions gets to expand their audience. I certainly felt the need to finish post on my next feature because damn, Video Carnage was inspiring.