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  • Bill Maher: Be More Cynical
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  • Colors


    Thought to myself in the middle of this that they would probably make a tone-deaf legacy sequel where an old Penn mentors a younger black cop and then that ended up literally being the last scene of the movie lmao.

    Anyway, after getting back in Hollywood’s good graces with Blue Velvet/Hoosiers, Dennis Hopper immediately directed this “I swear I’m a Republican now” cop thriller that literally opens with the Blade Runner title crawl but with info about L.A. gangs instead…

  • Piazza Vittorio

    Piazza Vittorio

    Mama Mia!

    A little Humans of New York-ish, but a def an important piece of the late Ferrara puzzle. Wonder if the Chinese restaurant with framed photos of Mao and Paolo Sorrentino on the walls survived the pandemic.

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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    Lynch on frequent collaborator Dean Hurley in the DVD special features: "I really don't like Dean as a person but he's a fantastic sound man."

  • Alien


    Still find it odd that in the future, androids run on cum.