Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

Right. Second round.

I think it's safe to say, that I love this movie. It still feels like a Marvel fan's dream come true. My inner marvel fanboy seriously wants to rate this 5 stars.

Yes, this movie isn't perfect. There is a lot of characters to deal with and that can make this movie slightly over-crowded at sometimes, and therefore, gives room for little development. Almost half the characters get absolutely NO development. That can be a little frustrating for some characters. The movie is also a whopping 2.5 hours long and there are a lot of events that happen, giving very little room to breathe. This film is exhausting, however, most of the time, its a good thing.

Some of these flaws can be ignored, as it was inevitable. Trying to juggle 20 heroes while developing new characters like Thanos in this large scale event, is close to impossible. There are so flaws that could've been avoided, such as a slightly weak script, and various plot holes, which I won't spoil. I feel like this film can only truly be appreciated if you’re a fan of the films. It doesn’t feel like a film, more like an true fan experience for those who have stuck around.

But, that being said. This film is one big epic blockbuster. All of these heroes coming together for this one grand epic event. They execute this so so well and most characters get a standout moment. The main ones being Iron Man, Thor, Strange, Gamora and most of all, Thanos.

In my opinion, Thanos is by far the best MCU villain, and potentially one of the greatest villains of all time. Everytime he was on screen, he is intimidating and I love it. It's hard to feel like the heroes could actually come out alive when he is in the room.

Action is fun. Visuals are cool. Basically nerd-gasm. Comedy is spot on. I love it.

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