Unfriended: Dark Web

Unfriended: Dark Web ★★★★½

So precisely tapped in to the specificities of internet communication, like basically nothing else I can think of. Matias switches from shooting off casual lowercase messages, the computer equivalent of a lazy shorthand scrawl, to using proper capitalization and punctuation when things get serious. Some characters type faster than others, they forget to mute their mics or turn off screenshare. The film goes further, though, in transforming the visual grammar of computers to something more recognizably cinematic, without sacrificing the found footage believability. I love how the Skype auto-focus mimics more traditional editing, and even moreso how the overlapping video windows break free of that structure and create something thrillingly new. I spent so much of this film giggling at how audaciously experimental it was and how brilliantly it was pulling everything off. Fantastic shit.

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