Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk ★★★★½

the script is obviously too on the nose in places and certain moments strain credulity, but it doesn't really matter. this is so brilliantly conceived and realized, a hyperreal nightmare of flaring synapses, swiveling video game POV shots, deeply disturbing dialectical edits (when he's reminded of his unit raiding a house and black-bagging two random guys bc he's looking at a revolting luncheon buffet, i mean jesus christ). i have no idea what to make of the people who think the hfr treatment is unnecessary or pointless. like if you can't grasp the dramatic purpose of that device in this film then idk how you remember to breathe. i'm not sure this is as narratively complex and satisfying as gemini man but this is just beautifully and horrifyingly executed.

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