Creep ★★

“Tubby time.”

It seems that I watched a different film from everyone else, because I found Creep to be extremely dull and at times painful to watch despite its short running time. This low budget found-footage film doesn’t actually do anything new for the horror genre other than make it overly simple and minimalistic. This mumblecore experimental artistic film focuses exclusively on two characters: Aaron (Patrick Brice) and Josef (Mark Duplass). Aaron responds to a Craiglist ad for an 8 hour job in an isolated mountain town. All he has to do is film his client. Josef explains that he is dying and wants to leave his unborn son a video of him so that he gets to know him kind of like in that Michael Keaton film, My Life, he explains to Aaron. The very next thing he does is get in the tub and imagine he is bathing and playing with his son there. That incredibly stupid scene was the first personal warning for me. As much as I like Mark Duplass, his character here behaves in such an annoying way that I could barely stand him. There are like five scenes in which he jumps right in front of the screen to scare Aaron, and none of them work. These repetitive scenes get more annoying as the film moves forward to a very predictable finale. There isn’t any doubt as to what Josef’s true intentions are so not much comes as a surprise.

Patrick Brice directs and stars in Creep and he also co-wrote the script with Mark Duplass who helped produce the film. It is basically a two man crew and probably one of the cheapest films ever to be made. That is why Brice deserves some credit because he has managed to make a film out of a fairly simple concept. It probably could’ve worked best as a short film because several of the scenes here felt repetitive and slow. Of course they wanted to make it longer so they could have more bizarre conversations with each other, but the dialogue didn’t really work for me like in other mumblecore films. I didn’t find it funny either as some of the jokes felt forced. A film like Creep relies almost exclusively on the dialogue because from a technical standpoint it can’t offer much, but unfortunately I never found the interactions between both actors interesting at all. Creep isn’t a film I’ll be recommending to my friends despite the positive reviews it’s been receiving.

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