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  • The Second Night
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  • Toute une nuit

    Toute une nuit


    Every time a character in Toute une Nuit speaks, it falls like a ton of bricks. You’re left almost wondering how they dared to break the silence. They are revealing too much. You’re not invited in these people’s lives so you shouldn’t get to know exactly what they feel or the context behind these interactions. It’s a film about moments, whether they are big and life-changing or small but meaningful. And while darkness in films is often associated with suffocating,…

  • The Child

    The Child


    A rewatch that solidifies this as one of my favorite films of all time. So painful, so depressing, yet so rewarding at the same time.

    L’Enfant forces us to look into a world that we usually turn a blind eye to. A world of crimes and poverty, where people constantly need to adapt to find new ways to survive. What sets this film apart from the rest is how realistic and deeply humane it feels. Everything, from the bleak colors…

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  • Spencer


    kristen stewart getting the lead role she deserves after years of getting mistreated by the media and the general public? i call it justice

  • The United States vs. Billie Holiday

    The United States vs. Billie Holiday


    god what a wasted opportunity. andra day is solid in the lead role, but she’s stuck in a film that doesn’t know what to do with her performance. 

    lee daniels tries to superpose multiple storylines to a genuinely confusing result. so much is going on but there is no common thread between any of the scenes. how is the audience supposed to get invested in a film that doesn’t even bother to spend more than 30 seconds on some of…