Shame ★★★★★

Just as great as everyone said it was, with a fascinating story about addiction quite unlike any other I've seen. The same degree of praise goes for Fassbender, who puts in a tremendous performance. While his is the strongest in the film, the more eye-opening one may be Carey Mulligan's. I'm not implying that she isn't always great, because she is, but her character here is such a departure from anything else I've seen from her. She's a wreck, thinly hidden beneath a veneer of confidence. And speaking of eye-opening performances, there's Nicole Beharie, who plays a co-worker Fassy's Brandon dates. She has no typically "big" acting scenes, but she inhibits her character fully and does tons of great little things, most notably in the restaurant scene.

Speaking of which, I loved all the unbroken long takes. There's several of them, and they're all spellbinding in their own ways. McQueen pulls them off in a way that involves them in the movie's rhythm like few directors can; often enough, it can come off as more of a stunt drawing attention to itself than anything.