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"Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels" (From Judi Collins' cover and Joni MItchell's OG)

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Jokey short review plus some running commentary from my probably 12th watch of this. Adult trick or treat with Tequila and Hereditary rewatch babbyyy.

Some out of context spoilers sprinkled throughout but this shit is all over the place -- both my commentary & the narrative of the film -- so I don't see it ruining a first view for you.

Quick Bit -
Hereditary as a short film (actual line of dialogue from film in quotes)
Annie: "You gonna take your sister?"
Peter: Is she gonna have her epi pen?
Annie: [shrugs]
Peter: Ima pass
Roll credits

Running Commentary Selections:

"she is also survived by her son-in-law, steven graham" from ellen's obit just full off at the opening frame establishing that nobody cares, steven.

- are the cult members just fully chillin at ellen's funeral

- LET HER DRAW HER FUCKIN PICTURES, STEVEN! like literally she's not even being disruptive at all it's only you and kind of peter who are having issues but sure close her notebook mid sketch. People cope different ways.

- "I'm gonna go see a movie"/"I have to return some video tapes" cinematic paralells

- would the entire cult's plan have been thwarted if charlie had just had her fucking epi pen ever or

- "And all I get back is that fucking face on your face" all time evergreen line and the way Toni delivers it is just *chef's kiss*

- family dinners in dimly lit homestead mcmansions, ALWAYS a stellar plan

- "What friend Joan?" lmao poor Steven has no idea what's going on

- I love how Gabriel Byrne sounds like he's doing operatic vocal warm ups for his screams

- "Can you guess who just called me from school in complete hysterics?" really fun passive agressive communication skills you've got there Steven
"Charlie?" lmaooooo I can't with that though

5 star rating based on my passion for this film. I feel the same feels I had when I first watched it with each rewatch. It gut punches me even when I've seen it a bagillion times. Plus I have such a blast doing running commentary on it so it's a win for me all around. Hence, 5 stars.

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