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  • Candyman



    Poem Review (Tap-tap-tapping, on my touch screen phone's keyboard)

    There came some bees
    Within the mirrors
    Outside the mirrors
    "ain't a he, the whole hive" (Colman Domingo)
    Inside the mirrors
    The ghosts
    Hurt & hurting
    Outside the mirror
    Within the mirror
    "The whole hive"

  • Bleed With Me

    Bleed With Me


    Rowan (Lee Marshall), Emily (Lauren Beatty), and Brendan (Aris Tyros) take a trip to Emily's family cabin, during shivering winter.

    Since they're taking a vacation cabin in the woods style, it obviously goes super awesome & nothing gets fucked up. HAHA JK!

    I enjoyed how the desolate snowy setting contrasted with the creepy coziness of the cabin & the survivor thriller combined with psychological horror. Though a good woodsy slasher is always fun, director-writer Amelia Moses' approach adds some haunting texture.


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  • Pig



    Did not expect to get this emotional, but here I am, eyes filled with tears writing this.

    Wtf? 😭

    Easily one of my favorite Nic Cage performances. His nonverbals in this before Robin starts delivering beautiful monologues are so detailed. Like when Alex Wolff's Amir asks him, "that hurt?". The way he turns his head to look at Amir, like, "really?" 🤣

    Wolff is excellent too, and the scenes he and Cage share as they traverse Portland, OR in search of Robin's pig are spectacular.

    Sparse, bittersweet, and featuring an engaging, introspective performance from Cage, Pig is wonderful.

  • The Humans

    The Humans


    On Thanksgiving, the Blake family has food and loses their skills of repression.

    It's messy. Dialogue overlaps -- theatrical like its basis. The apartment is confusing. Does it encompass a complex, floor to floor? Do any Blake's actually go up and down?

    Repressed 9/11 family trauma psychological horror drama works for me. Will 💯 be a rewatch/reanalysis. Curious too about the play; a script I'd definitely like to read.

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  • Oldboy



    A gorgeously hyper-violent psychological exploration of one of the most dynamic characters I've ever seen featured on screen. Choi Min-sik's command of facial expressions and body language is just bonkers brilliant. To say his ability to shift from bumbling drunk buffoon in this film's introductory expositional sequences (some of the funniest moments in any film, comedy or not, Choi Min-sik does an incredibly believable drunk) to a hollowed out former prisoner, struggling with his solitary confinement induced monstrosities, while simultaneously…

  • Hereditary



    This is a film that will always slap for me. That sumptuously thematic editing; the delicious dread dripping down every frame; the gloomy lighting in the Graham house; that perfect combination of melodrama and realism, a film somehow Mumblecore and exceedingly extra in the same breath. Toni Collette's inhuman wailing and full body sink into Annie; that dinner table scene, right after Peter says she's just as responsible as he is because of the party idea, and Steve's like, "SHUT…