Roma ★★★★½

I’ve only ever seen one Cuaron movie and that is Children of Men, currently sitting in my top 4 since I first watched it and with that he also gained my trust forever 
If any other director (maybe apart from Del Toro or Iñarritu) had talked about his plans of making a movie in a setting like this I would’ve been wary of them pulling it off, but I absolutely trusted Cuaron with it and he delivered 
I can feel the love radiating from the screen, the care put into it.. Yes this movie could be considered plotless for the most part but it portrays everyday life, it’s slow and real and human and so Mexican I couldn’t be prouder to see my country represented in this way 
Yalitza does a wonderful job, as does Alfonso and the rest of the cast and crew, I can't wait to see what they all do next and I hope they get the recognition they deserve

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