Favorite films

  • The King of the Candle
  • Lucia
  • Vassourinha: The Voice and The Void
  • Duvidha

Recent activity

  • Italiques: Roland Topor

  • Dune

  • Fantastic Planet

  • Kustom Kar Kommandos


Recent reviews

  • They Live by Night

    They Live by Night


    “I’ve always wanted to hold hands with a girl in a movie.”

  • Mixed Blood

    Mixed Blood

    yeah idk working in alphabet city for most of post-graduate life made this pretty awesome to me

Popular reviews

  • A Gentle Woman

    A Gentle Woman

    “I enjoyed our inequality”. Bresson moves back to the city, back to the stairwell of Pickpocket, to tell a more intimate and ultimately cynical tale than either of his previous country films (not that Balthazar or Mouchette could be called cynical, but they are certainly bleak) in his first color film. We begin with a slow-mo (Bresson’s first use?) shot of a falling white shawl, decelerating the momentum of the plot, so that we will be able to dig into…

  • A Nos Amours

    A Nos Amours


    I can't really add anything except to echo Nick Pinkerton's essential piece and say that this is a film that you live with, one that affords no comfort in platitudes about love or loving and the effect it has on the being that one carries around with them for every second of torturous, mercurial existence. To paraphrase Pinkerton quoting the Saw tagline, "It helped me".