The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

From the flawlessly structured screenplay (the dialogue is to sue for!), to the masterfully executed direction, to the pinpoint accuracy of each indelible performance, Sorkin, Fincher, Eisenberg, and Garfield exceptionally collaborated to craft THE defining film of our generation about, arguably, the biggest story the 21st century will have. And showcased just how much, in today's age of technology, one man sparked an online revolution, creating the most talked-about and most-used social platform of our lifetime, that forever changed the internet and the world. It's fiercely intelligent with the perfect touch of wit and sarcasm. A marvel of world-class storytelling on business, economics, tech, friendships, partnerships, social media, creativity, global competition, and how they all play the biggest roles in modern-day society; and how a substantial part of life, nowadays, revolves around one thing: everyday interconnectivity. Along with the void it can cause between people--the distancing. The ultimate disconnect in a world full of connections. A masterpiece.

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