The Master

The Master ★★★★½

The craftsmanship of this film is, irrefutably, one of the greatest ever; from the lighting, to the framing, the blocking, the score, the song choice, the editing, the directing--every goddamn motherfucking shot and aspect is nothing but utter brilliance and absolute fucking beauty. As a lover of film, it is pure nirvana. And, as an actor or if you love acting, the performances... the all-around performances from everyone are just astonishing to witness. It's a level of acting you will rarely see in anything else these days. I still can't fathom how Joaquin and Hoffman did it. It's truly an indescribable feeling to see people transform and create characters of those magnitudes. Everyone had gripes with the Scientology themes of the story, but that aside, the writing is still pretty intelligent and finely written. PTA really may never give us a bad film. We should pray to him from time to time and be grateful he's generous enough to keep giving us masterful pieces of art.