Roma ★★★★

Made a compromise with a friend to see this at his house to save money on movie tickets, and it turns out Roma, Netflix’s first true best picture contender, is 100% a movie meant to be seen in theaters. *sigh* 

is such a mind blowing technical display of mastery that it actually kind of distracts me from its quiet, slice of life emotional core. Alfonso Cuaron is an absolute wizard when it comes to creating living, breathing moving environments. The calculated pans and unreal precision of the camera movement gave each shot all the time in the world to sink in. How he coordinated so many shots to coincide with planes passing in the sky in the frame I have no idea I’m literally still in awe of his technical abilities. Just like Gravity, Give this man alllllllllllllll the technical Oscars this year! 

But for a story this subtle and personal, should I really be appreciating Roma from a technical standpoint more than an emotional one? How can I really be sucked into the movie’s world when I am constantly aware of the camera and its wizardry? Roma is an insane achievement and It’s for sure one of the best films of the year, but I’m getting a Citizen Kane vibe in that the film is such a technical achievement that I start to appreciate it more than I actually love it. For sure gonna need a few rewatches to let it settle in.

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