Enzo Peluso

Enzo Peluso

🇮🇹 Enzo, 24, dentistry student.
Juror and member of Giffoni Film Festival.

Favorite films

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Babylon
  • The Departed
  • Se7en

Recent activity

  • Gone Girl


  • The Wrath of Becky


  • Napoleon


  • Five Nights at Freddy's


Recent reviews

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    This thriller is amazing, it shows how people’s mind can change in different events.
    It’s hard and nearly claustrophobic, but that’s so real in a way that we can’t figure out.
    The screenplay is a gem, the twists are perfect.
    Rosamund Pike in her PEAK, she’s literally into her character and she gives you the shivers.

    Unfortunately, I’ve always had a crush on crazy bitches:
    So, I really feel you Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck).
    My favorite David Fincher’s film next to Seven.

  • The Wrath of Becky

    The Wrath of Becky


    I love revenge movies. 
    Lily Wilson is awesome, she gives me psychopath vibes like Dexter, especially with her interior voice, and that’s a character’s strength.
    The kills are satisfying, creative and there’s a lot of humour, so it’s funny to see how Becky does what she does.
    I start to think that we’ll see more sequels of the female John Wick and, if it will be entertaining, for me is a big YES.

Popular reviews

  • The Marvels

    The Marvels


    This is trash.
    Boring, a mix of sketches not good.
    The acting is terrible, the script is mediocre.
    Carol Danvers, who is supposed to be one of the strongest characters in the MCU, is nothing but average and Brie Larson, though for me is beautiful, in this film has one expression, too bad for her high standard of acting.
    I will not accept another MCU film like this, too messy, too bad written, too average.
    I didn't find one good…

  • Clue



    This is unbelievably funny, smart and full of twists. Tim Curry is a genius.
    When you think you had the solution then the plot twist arrives, that's incredible.
    The atmosphere and the scenography the film has are perfect.

    Are we gonna talk about the script?

    C’mon, everything is correct and good.