The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★★½

me on my date w/ yorgos lanthimos

me: did you like the salad

yorgos: I’ve Never Had a Rutabaga. Sometimes Two.

me: g...good, i thought it was tasty.

yorgos: If at anytime You Want To Eat, Order An Entree. I Brought You This Decision.

me: uh. yeah. i think i’m going to have the salmon

the waiter: hey! are you guys ready to order?

yorgos: It’s Very Nice To Meet You Officially

me: right uh can i have the salmon? and more water please

yorgos: how Many Times Have You Felt Like You Learned To Swim

the waiter: i.......i don’t understand

yorgos: You

me: i’m sorry can we just get the water

the waiter: wait......I Would Like To Excuse You. Order Once More Please

me: oh im so sorry never mind can we just get like, a to-go b-

yorgos: Flesh

the waiter: Flesh

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