Roma ★★★★½

We are alone, no matter what they tell you, women, we always are alone

You wouldn't believe if I say this film is about impeding rebellion that focuses on Cleo's point of view. The first act, we were introduced to the mundane life of Cleo─── a loving, obedient maid for a family that seem for the outsider has no problems in life however it went downhill as Cleo's life also progressed with them, and it reached its pinnacle as the family's problem collide with Cleo's. It progressed rather ghastly as I actually never expect that the family would be very welcoming to Cleo's problem and support Cleo because they've realized Cleo is one of them however Cleo hasn't fully come to this conclusion hence there was still a distance between them.

It's an impending rebellion for Cleo's relationship with the family; she once was an obedient maid who follows orders however it developed through her intimacy with other people─── she bloomed, she rebelled with the old characteristic she had and accept that she had grown from the phase of excluding herself away.

Still overwhelmed by the beauty and the progression, Alfonso Cuarón did that !

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