Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★½

Dark portrait of fame and corrupted innocence, Vox Lux encourages us to witness the genesis of a pop star and the sequels of a painful past that lead to an empty existence, isolation and the inability to be empathic and relate to others. Brady Corbet, in his second feature film, captures the shallowness, loss of identity and toxicity of celebrity status while trying to offer a critique of the entertainment industry and mass culture. An ambitious and daring but flawed work, the film is unnecessarily lengthened, the ending lacks any impact and depth, and I don't know if Corbet's message is well structured and his reflections on culture, violence, and social decay are vague and somewhat obvious. However, a couple of well executed shocking scenes and the good performances of the cast managed to maintain my interest in this story that seems to want to demonstrate postmodern society is rotten as collective and its individuals are dead on the inside.

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