The Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress ★★★½

In feudal Japan, two greedy peasants desperately seeking gold join a general trying to help a princess regain her throne. The general Rokurōta devises a complex plan to carry out his difficult mission by circumventing vicissitudes along the way and having a good dose of luck to escape the dangers.

The Hidden Fortress is an epic adventure with hints of comedy; a visually stunning film with some fantastic scenes, plus the charisma and imposing presence of Toshiro Mifune. However, the first hour is slow and consequently makes the film a little too long; moreover, the peasants, who become rather annoying in the long run, detract from the other characters who are much more interesting.

In The Hidden Fortress, Akira Kurosawa shows his great talent in the construction of an impeccable mise en scène; an entertaining work, but one that did not entirely captivate me.

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