Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

I've had this classic from Kurosawa for a couple of months now but I wanted to wait for the right moment to watch a three and a half hour film and what would be my introduction to the japanese director.Seven Samurai is a very simple story told in two parts and, even with its long runtime, the film manages to keep the audience interested simply because is very well told, superbly crafted and truly engaging.

It's a story that slowly builds up in the first half; once the problem is stated, we embark on a journey to recruit the samurai, plan the strategy for the battle and the train the farmers. Meanwhile, we get to know the different personalities of the main characters as well as their concerns, and share moments of camaraderie. The payoff comes in the second half when the confrontation between samurai and villagers against the bandits takes place.

There are some really amazing characters from the affable and charming Heihachi, to Kyūzō's impressive presence and courage; but, without a doubt, Kikuchiyo is the most memorable and endearing. He is man with a troubled past and a lot of anger inside who proves his worth and has some of the best moments of the film, both dramatic and comedic. Speaking of which, I was surprised by how funny this turned out to be; I was expecting something very serious and solemn, but this was much better. One thing is true though, those last lines right at the end are pretty devastating.

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