Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★

The Final Cut

Blade Runner is another cult film, a milestone in science fiction, and a recipient of countless praises that have left me dissatisfied or worse, indifferent. It's like an excessively slow and uninteresting film noir covered in 80's special effects, with a plain story, flat performances and forced romanticism. So much drowsiness has caused me that not even the themes about the nature of the human being and the effects of technology on society, or the ethical and moral considerations were sufficiently appealing to me; in fact, I dare to say that the supposed philosophical content of the film is quite superficial. However, not everything has been a complete waste of time given that the retrofuturistic aesthetics, although quite dated, successfully create the dark and decadent universe in which the actions take place; the last minutes of the film and the ambiguity around Deckard are also something I find rescueable. If there's one thing Blade Runner has left me with, besides yearning for a cozy blanket and a soft pillow, is the thought that science fiction cinema of the 1980s may not be for me.

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