Alphaville ★★★

Jean-Luc Godard ventures into the science fiction genre with Alphaville: an étrange aventure by Lemmy Caution, a story that is set in a dystopian future about a secret agent who enters a technocratic society controlled by the computer Alpha 60 where everything must obey logic and reason and any irrational manifestation such as love and poetry is forbidden. The atmosphere created by the director, largely supported by the music of Paul Misraki, is fascinating, but I found Eddie Constantine's performance unconvincing and, overall, I found the film to be a collection of good ideas that did not translate lucidly into images. In addition, I feel that there is an underdeveloped message about the destruction of culture that could have contributed much more to the philosophical aspects Godard tries to talk about, and I also believe that the lack of expressiveness quickly becomes monotonous. In the end, Alphaville is an ambitious and provocative work; It's just a shame that the way the film deals with transcendental issues about the dehumanization of society has left me completely unbothered.

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