Prey ½

kinda piss baby weasel behavior to shoot this in english and dub in comanche after. kinda fucking annoying to deal with a liberal ass get in the kitchen subplot before the main character is allowed to exist as an action protagonist (why does it always have to be like this? why does a woman have to suffer so hard to EARN her power fantasy? just give me the fucking power fantasy). imagine the movie where our HERO walks up to the group of boys and theyre just like 'oh, thats weird but sure lets hunt'

but instead its like what if ubisoft tried to make a Rated T for Teen ryona

it also doesnt make sense in a universe with a flower that makes you cold like a corpse the dudes react to the protag witnessing a monster with incredulity. why not just fucking believe her?? oh becuase we have to make her suffer in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE before she can have TEN MINUTES of being competent. weak as shit. the cold flowers are incredibly dumb videogame power ups on their own anyway

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