Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★

October Horror 2021, day 16, challenge #15 - films you shouldn't watch before your wedding

Surprise!Britishness. I don't think I've ever seen a British slasher, unless you count Peeping Tom which isn't exactly the masked-killer-attacks-partying-young-people trope we've come to know and love. So it feels kinda uncanny to see this meta-parody-ish thing coming from the UK? It's like a British Troma film, so all very polite with its splatter and weirdness.

Don't you hate when you're on a date and you get Crazy Ralph'd?? That was hilarious and also that place was wild, an abandoned house with a random art installation in each room but also a hobo basement?? Very confused! This whole thing is weird in such an indefinable way, like yes it's trying to be weird but I think it succeeded in a different way than it meant to? or maybe not?? I mean whoever asked for "Friday the 13th, but what if Jason fucks?" not me! And I certainly didn't need to see him soliloquize while wearing boxer shorts or have a trying-on-silly-hats-montage, yet here we are.

The extremely 80s haircuts and fashions are a treat, and this has some fun moments. The practical gore is surprisingly good and there's quite a bit of it. It really is just all over the place tho, is it a parody, a love story, a gory slasher movie, idk! throw it all in there! And it's all supposed to take place inside another movie?? yeah I was a bit fuzzy on that, or why he has to kill in the first place - bc Hobo Dad said so?? I probably shouldn't say something is "too weird" for me because I mean, hi. This just has an "off" feel, I guess? (Also shouldn't he have "masked" his willy if he was so worried about having kids??) Worth a watch for slasher fans, they don't skimp on the blood! (and it's on tubi)

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