Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★½

October Horror 2022 #22 - has a mystery

Well drat, I thought I would love this. It sounded wonderfully awkward and violent. I don't have the same complaint about the Danish couple I've seen some people have; their politeness is exaggerated to a fault to make a point, and I actually thought it landed.

UNTIL this film decided to do my most hated trope ever - even more hated than double dream sequences! - and have the parents go back for their kid's damn toy that probably cost like 2.99. Get a new one, rough it up a bit and tell your kid the tooth fairy riding a unicorn brought it back, they're 6, they don't know any better! Or maybe it's time for a tough life lesson Mckenzie, we're not all gonna die for your binky. But no. And if it was meant to be satire of that trope, I still hated it. Too bad, cause I thought this was quite good otherwise, but everything that happened hinged on that bit of idiocy.

Anyway I'm pretty sure the moral of this one is, don't be so damn polite! Tell everyone they're a fucking cunt, go home and drink by yourself. 🍸

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